Author: Bert Watts

Fighting for Peace with the Promises of God

God’s promises were meant to bring God’s peace, and as God’s people, we need to know God’s promises so that we can use them to find peace in an anxious world. Our challenge for the end of 2023 is to arm ourselves with God’s promises by memorizing and meditating on one promise per week through the end of this year.

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How Jesus Viewed The Old Testament

If you’ve been asked if the Bible was really written by God or if the Bible really is authoritative, or if you’ve just wondered about those questions yourself, you can rest assured: we have every reason to believe that Scripture is God’s Word, with God’s authority, and contains God’s promise for life in him.

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Meet Pastor Cameron!

On September 1, Cameron Adkins officially began serving as our Pastor for Groups and Young Adults at Mountain Creek. Even though Cameron has been a member of Mountain Creek, we wanted to take this week’s blog for you to get to know him a little more.

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The Life of Faithfulness, part one

While there are not many obvious similarities between us and Joshua (I highly doubt, after all, that God is going to send an sword-wielding captain of the angels to visit you, nor will He likely send you marching around a walled city to bring about it’s downfall), the simple truth of the matter is that God is calling us to the same thing he called Joshua to: a life lived in dependence upon God. What are the building blocks of such a life?

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Pray for VBS!

VBS starts today! While many will be serving in various roles this week, one incredibly important way that all of us can serve is by praying! This post is a short prayer guide to help you do just that.

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The Happy Life

God wants you to be happy, not with an earthly, secular, cheap happiness devoid of godliness, that is, a happiness that is fake and will only be fleeting because it’s not built on anything solid; God wants you to be truly happy, happy in a God-honoring way, happy as God intended it.

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