The One Mission Offering

The One Mission Offering is our one avenue as a church for giving to three essential areas: International Missions, North American Missions, and Mountain Creek Missions, in the months of December and January. You can give to The One Mission Offering through the mission envelopes in the pews, or online at (or by clicking the giving icon in the bottom right of any page on our website); once in the giving portal, be sure to select “One Mission Offering” in the drop-down menu.

All money received through The One Mission Offering will be divided in the following way:

  • Half of all money received in The One Mission Offering will go to international missions through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. This money goes to the SBC’s International Mission Board, with 100% directly supporting the work of our SBC missionaries who are right now taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.
  • A quarter of all money received in The One Mission Offering will be given to taking the gospel to North America through the North American Mission Board’s Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Again, 100% of this money goes directly to support the work of ministry and missions, right here in North America.
  • Finally, the last quarter of money received in The One Mission Offering will go to Mountain Creek Missions. This fund will be used to offset the costs of sending out short-term teams from Mountain Creek on mission trips to our state, nation, and around the world, as well as providing funding for specific projects for our missionary partners.


To Keep Pressing Forward

First, The One Mission Offering is about helping us continue to press forward. In 2019, we set a goal to send out some from our congregation to the nations and to places of need in South Carolina. We’ve met that goal, but we don’t want to sit back and rest; we want to keep moving forward! Having met that goal means that we now have Mountain Creek members in strategic places among the nations advancing the gospel, members of our body with whom we’re partnering in the work of ministry. We want to be ready to help them with specific projects that may arise, and we also want to be able to send teams to come alongside them in the work. The One Mission Offering will help us do just that.

To Streamline Our Giving

Second, The One Mission Offering is for the purpose of streamlining our avenues of giving and raising funds. We believe that having one offering that can accomplish all these things will be a great benefit to our body. Instead of a season of giving in December, followed by a season of giving in March, and surrounded by various times of giving for our own mission teams or endeavors, making this change accomplishes all of this with just a single offering. We’ll be taking up The One Mission Offering over a two-month period (December through January) to allow members to not only give with their end-of-year giving, but also to provide a longer window of time to allow for making a plan for generous, sacrificial giving over these weeks for the purpose of the mission.

To Clarify Our Giving

Third, The One Mission Offering brings much-needed clarity to our mission giving. We are incredibly grateful to be seeing new attenders and members at Mountain Creek who are coming from backgrounds outside of the Southern Baptist Convention, meaning that terms like “Lottie Moon” and “Annie Armstrong” are unknown to them. While we love the legacy of Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong (and while we’re committed to continuing to support the work of the IMB and the NAMB through the Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong offerings!), The One Mission Offering clarifies exactly what this money is for: Missions.

For 2023-2024, we will begin taking The One Mission Offering on Sunday, December 3 and we’ll take it through Sunday, January 28, 2024. During these weeks, you can give through the envelopes marked The One Mission Offering in the backs of the pews, or online at, choosing “One Mission Offering” from the drop-down menu.

The question now for each of us is this: What can we give for the sake of advancing the mission?