COVID-19 Update | March 31, 2020

Mountain Creek Family,

On March 17th, we wrote to you that we were cancelling our services and activities held on our campus through March 31st, in hopes that going into April we would be able to resume meeting. Unfortunately, it is apparent that that is not the case. As many of us are aware, on Sunday March 29th, President Trump extended the government’s recommendation for all citizens to avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people through April 30th. Additionally, our Governor has asked South Carolina citizens to refrain from gathering in groups of more than three at a time. Because of these recommendations and guidelines, we will extend our cancellation of all activities and in-person worship gatherings at Mountain Creek for the time being, with an evaluation being made on a week-by-week basis.

We have been asked by some when we will be able to meet again. While we cannot at this time give a firm date, our prayer is that this day will be soon. In the meantime, our ongoing assessment will be made in light of the official guidelines and recommendations given by our local and national government, like the ones mentioned above or others that may be released. Once a determination has been made that we can begin meeting together again, we will be sure to promptly inform the church of this decision.

We are making plans now for our Easter service, assuming at this point that this service, too, will be online. However, while it does not look like we will be able to physically gather together on Resurrection Sunday, the reality of the resurrection is not diminished. Christ is risen; He has given us life in Him; and in these truths we will rejoice!

We’d like to take this opportunity also to say Thank You to those who have served us by helping to make these online services possible. To our musicians as well as our sound and video technicians, thank you for helping us to continue to worship together on Sunday mornings!

Just like we have continued to connect online for Sunday services, our church ministry continues forward. We may have had to make drastic changes, but we have not closed as a church body! We’re still serving, still praying, still seeking to minister the Word to one another. Our Life Groups are vital in this ongoing ministry of care; Life Groups – please continue to connect with one another and love one another well in this time!

Similarly, we’re still serving one another across our church body. If you have a need of any kind, or if you would like to join with us to serve one another and others, we ask you to visit our Mountain Creek Cares page to let us know. To do this, simply go to and follow the options listed there.

Please join us in prayer for our nation, our state, and our community. Pray specifically for government leaders to make wise decisions that will value and protect life. Pray for them to seek God through Christ and for His wisdom to guide them. Pray for an end to this pandemic. Pray for God to use this to turn the hearts of people toward Him.

Pray for our community; for small businesses and companies and their employees who are at risk of losing their work. Pray for healthcare workers and those who work in various roles in service industries.

Pray, finally, for our church family. Pray for one another’s health and protection. Pray for our focus to be on God, His Word, His Spirit’s leadership of our lives. Pray for our witness to our neighbors and our love for one another.

We are praying for you. We love you, and we hope to be back together again as God’s people very soon.

Pastor Bert

Pastor Matt

Pastor Rhett