COVID-19 Update | April 24, 2020

Mountain Creek Family,

As you are aware, our Governor began the process this week of slowly loosening some restrictions and reopening some businesses that have been closed due to the spread of COVID-19. As more and more of the conversation around our community, state, and nation turns toward this process of reopening, we wanted to let you know where we are as a church and how we are working towards gathering again when the time is right.

As of today, April 24, there has not yet been a rescinding of the Governor’s recommendations concerning public gatherings or the guidelines to not congregate in groups of more than three people. Our desire is to continue to listen to the recommendations given by the state for public gatherings and make decisions based on that information. We are praying for wisdom for those issuing these guidelines and are hopeful that we will hear new recommendations for public gatherings in the near future. As we have spoken with several churches both in our immediate area and across our region of South Carolina, we have found this to be in line with the thinking and planning of many of our sister congregations, both in our local association and, more broadly speaking, in the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

Therefore, although at this point we are unable to give a date when services may resume, we do want you to know that we are working now towards planning what that may look like for us at Mountain Creek. Even when we are able to gather again for worship it seems almost certain that we will not be able to immediately resume our services and activities exactly as they were before the virus. For that reason, we are tentatively planning a phased re-opening of MCBC. A detailed plan for the first phase—gathering again for worship on the Lord’s Day—will be made available as soon as possible.

For all of us who have traveled on trips overseas or within our region for the sake of the gospel, we have often heard the mission trip motto: “Be flexible.” On those short-term trips, flexibility is imperative to be sure that the team is able to meet needs and serve the community and spread the gospel no matter what unexpected event may arise. This is the situation in which we all find ourselves at this point. Our hope is that we would all seek to “be flexible”—to be ready to adapt and adjust for this season, so that we can continue to best serve one another and our community, seeking to love God, love one another, and advance the gospel.

We look forward to the day when our primary communication is not by email or letter or video, but face to face. We look forward to the day when we can all strive together for the faith of the gospel, side by side, not only in spirit, but also in presence. We look forward to the day when the saints can gather again in worship of Almighty God.

Praying with you for the hastening of that day,

With love,

Your Pastors