40 Days of Prayer

On Wednesday, February 24th, we will begin our annual 40 Days of Prayer. Concluding on Easter Sunday (April 4th), this 40 day period is a time of focused prayer for our families, our church, our neighbors, our nation, and our world.

How can you join in?

Pick up the book. This year’s book that we’ll read together is Megan Hill’s very helpful, very practical book, Praying TogetherCopies of this book will be available in the Welcome Center for $5.00 beginning this Sunday, February 21st. Read the book during these 40 Days as we seek to grow as a praying church.

Pray with us. Grab a copy of the 2021 40 Days Prayer Guide, available for free this coming Sunday. Keep it in your Bible and pray daily along with the church.

Pray for your one. Who is someone you know – perhaps a family member or a friend, a coworker or a classmate – who is far from God? Would you commit to pray daily for that person during these 40 Days leading up to Easter Sunday? Would you pray for an opportunity to share Christ with that person, and invite them to join us in-person or online on Easter Sunday, April 4th?

If you are at home and have not yet returned to in-person worship, you can stop by the office during the week next week (or any time during the 40 Days of Prayer) to pick up your copy of the 40 Days Prayer Guide and the book Praying Together. If you’d prefer, you can order your copy of Praying Together online from 10ofthose or Amazon.

Click here to download the 2021 40 Days of Prayer Guide

The promises of God concerning prayer are rich and sweet. In his kindness, he has promised to hear and to answer, to be near and to comfort, to heal and to strengthen, to send out laborers for the harvest and to open the eyes of our hearts, all in response to the prayers of his people. So join with us as we pray together.