40 Days of Prayer

March 4 – April 12, 2020

40 Days of Prayer is a season of focused prayer for us at Mountain Creek leading up to Easter Sunday. We’re committing as a church to pray for our church, our homes, our workplaces, our city, and our world.

How can you join in?

Pray. Click here to view or download a copy of this year’s 40 Days Prayer Guide. Ask God to work in your life in such a way that these weeks will lead to a step forward in your prayer life that lasts beyond April 12th. If you’ve never had a consistent prayer life, this is a great first step! If you’ve been doing well in this area, pray that you can grow still more during these weeks.

Read. Be sure to read the booklet Enjoy Your Prayer Life by Michael Reeves, available for free at MCBC. Slowly read this short book and let its words help you to consider the heart of prayer.

Join us. Each Sunday night during the 40 Days we will have a special prayer service at 6:00pm in the Sanctuary. Join us and let’s seek God together in prayer.

Pray for your one. Who is one non-Christian who you can commit to pray for specifically each day throughout these 40 Days? Write that name at the top of this book and pray for that individual. Invite that person to join us on Easter Sunday, and pray for opportunities to share Christ!

Keep praying. Seek by God’s help to make a commitment to not miss a day, but even if you miss a few days, pick it back up, and keep praying. Jump back in. God has given us an invitation to have an audience with the King of the Universe, the One who created and upholds all that there is! What a privilege!

Click here for the 2020 40 Days Prayer Guide